Maui Waterfall adventures
maui Canyoning and canyoneering

Maui waterfall canyoning and canyoneering adventures
Canyoning or canyoneering is a new exciting thing to do on Maui and in Hawaii. Since this activity has gained international popularity, Hawaii has become noticed as a destination of consummate opportunity for canyoning. Each of the islands has canyons thousands of feet deep, many featuring waterfalls hundreds of feet tall--some more than a thousand feet. Although access is problematic, the rewards are incredible. As a result many of the canyons have seen descents by experienced teams of international canyoners, some of whom have left bolts as a token of their conquests.

Since safety is a primary concern, we have a competent and experienced guide staff. Our anchors, ropes, harnesses, hardware and helmets are specially-designed for the rigors of this extreme sport. All of our equipment is the best available, ropes are checked thoroughly on a daily basis, and we keep accurate rope logs. All gear is maintained in top condition, or it is replaced. Every piece of equipment we use is rated for enormous loads.

Prior to every trip we check the water level and discharge volume in the many streams in Maui that have electronic monitoring devices that display their data on the USGS website in real time. We also keep a close watch on the weather patterns. If there's any danger of flooding, we change our itinerary to allow us to stay out of the water, but still have challenging rappel routes adjacent to the stream and waterfalls. If the water does begin to rise while we're in the canyon, we have emergency exit routes for each stage, and our guides are trained in swift-water rescue techniques as well and are experienced in reading the weather conditions of our islands.

Of all the adventuresome things to do in Maui, rappelling waterfalls or canyoneering may be the most thrilling activity. It combines hiking, rappelling, swimming and climbing under the direction of competent Maui canyoneering guides. Our tours take place in a private 320-foot-deep canyon with waterfalls of 30 and 50 feet.

Long known for the extreme sports of big-wave surfing, paragliding, wind surfing and kite surfing, Maui now offers canyoning or canyoneering tours and courses with rappelling waterfalls. This activity is easy to learn and fun to experience. It's also safe when performed under the supervision of specially-trained guides. Rappelling down waterfalls is one the most spectacular activities in Hawaii.