Mahalo Nui Loa

Today we say thanks. Not just for our surroundings in beautiful, magical Maui, but for all of you: The people who share so much with us during your visits over the years.  Today we remind ourselves that it’s that time that matters, and the stories.   Stories that serve as the soundtrack behind some of the most unique and memorable natural settings in the world.

Just during the past few months, we’ve heard some inspiring stuff.  There was the hiker who had survived a stroke only a month or two before his trip to Maui. He set out on his hike anyway, relying on his guide to help him through the hard stuff so that he could see the places he had dreamed of during the months leading up to his trip. There was the couple who began making plans to visit Maui on their wedding day–twenty five years ago.   The bride who couldn’t wait to take a waterfall pool plunge. “I can’t believe I got to do that,” she said, swimming toward her guide.

You don’t just share with us your stories. You entrust your most precious possession with us: Your time. Not just your time, but your birthdays, your anniversaries, your honeymoons, your vacations.   Thank you for all the memories.   Until next time, mahalo nui loa.

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